Creek View Manufacturing is a small family run business, located in Lancaster, PA, that has been in business since 2009. As chicken farmers, we quickly realized the need and benefits of windrowing. Coming from a farming family, the litter windrowers that were available at that time, were simply to expensive.

This was the inspiration for me to build a quality, affordable, and effective poultry litter windrower. I decided at that point to partner with a family member, to design and build a windrower for ourselves, and for those with a need for an affordable, effective, litter windrower.

While we started to rent our newly built machine, farmers started to ask if we would build them their own machine. This of course would reduce the risk of spreading diseases from farm to farm.

Since starting our retail operation in 2009, we now build two styles of In-house poultry litter windrowers, a Compact Pro Driven and a Skid Steer Operated, that are a 3-in-1 machine for windrowing, turning, and spreading. We have also added a poultry litter pulverizer. This equipment is manufactured from start to finish in our plant in East Earl, PA located in Lancaster County.

Our goal is to provide high quality, affordable, and low maintenance litter equipment. It’s our desire to assist poultry farmers, in reducing costs through proper litter management, while growing quality poultry.  Thanks to our manufacturing team, we are able to accomplish these goals.

Creek View Manufacturing is here to answer any questions you may have regarding Poultry Litter Control Management. Visit our Contact Us page, or call us at 717-445-4922.


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